Author of “Drug Laws And Society”

Tell us about yourself ?

Hello, I am a 4th year law student. I have a keen interest in writing and like to write about anything that fascinates me. I am a happy soul who wants her life to be indulged in food, laws and writing. It was very recent that I realized how much I like writing. I have great interest on issues that have legal implications and love to share my views on them.

Your Research Manuscript’s title is “Drugs, Law and Society.” What made you to incline towards that theme?

The theme which I choose to write my research manuscript was a topic that I have always been keen on writing. This Topic is presently very relevant on the present time as it has far reaching implications on the coming generation. And me being myself from a generation that is highly connected to all the three segments of my research paper I thought I can write upon it with great enthusiasm.

How do you think drugs, law and society are interlinked to each other?

I think all three are very well interlinked to each other. As a generation of the very society are suffering from this menace. To have a society which is out of the drug abuse it is important to have strict legislations. So they are interlinked to each other in a great extent. To have a drug free society it is very important to make people understand it.

“Drugs are also used for medicinal purposes.” How do you justify this statement?

There are various drugs that have medicinal values. And of course there are drugs that are harmful if overly used. The people should understand the difference between both. The government cannot stop the production of various drugs which are used for medicinal purpose and are also dangerous if over consumed. This difference is something which needs to be understood while dealing with the drugs that has various medicinal properties but are also dangerous for consumption.

What should be done to enhance the effectiveness of the drug laws in our country?

 It is important to have stricter drug laws in our country to reduce the selling of drugs so openly by various manufacturers who illegal sell drugs to younger generation. The government should start making groups who can look upon these drug dealings in various places which are being actively manufacturing and selling it illegally. The fear of drug consumption should be put into the mind of the young children; they should be taught about the ill effects that are related to drugs. The future of the younger generation will be at risk if the drug consumption is not looked upon strictly.


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