Author of “Green Criminology”

Tell us about yourself ?

Gratifying great thanks to the platform of La SenatusScriptors. I am an eminent 3rd year BA LLB student of NMIMS University. I have an inclination in the field of legal studies since I like to stick to the path of obeying rules and justify the wrong-happenings with the right people . I have an engrossment to grow myself working as corporate lawyer .Additionally I am a nature lover.  According to me , Civic consciousness has to be aroused and a sense of commitment needs to be awakened among the masses. Every child should be taught that planting a sapling and nurturing it to its full growth is a mission of life.

Your Research Manuscript’s title is “Green Criminology.” What made you to incline towards that theme ?

Remember to live, Chronic tension, inadequate physical exercise and susceptibility to anthropogenic environmental threats are correlated with contemporary urban existence.Life is the most precious gift bestowed by Almighty on his humble mortal beings. Love, care , concern, sympathy, service , mercy , compassion , tolerance, sacrifice and many such noble virtues are the sparkling jewels in the diadem and with these noble virtues we should conserve and preserve nature ( Our Mother Earth) . It is often understood that legislation and environmental policy that, at best, include some, but can not fix the ecological harm done by man’s anthropocentric attitude correlated with the inherent expansionary tendencies of capitalism.But if we plunge ourselves out of this cat-rat race of earning more and more material comforts, happiness , then only we would be able to enjoy this beautiful gift ( nature) of Almighty. Life urges us to explore the beautiful nature, wipe out tears and spread happiness among our fellow brethren snd explore the ever expanding horizons of nature and spend each day , each minute and each moment of our life with nature. Urban green space can help man to rejuvenate minds , and also provide relaxation and stress relief from our current fast growing life. Observance of individual’s anthropocentric approach towards nature for earning material wealth and comforts made me inclined to this Research Manuscript titled ‘ GREEN CRIMINOLOGY-WOUNDS ON THE SOUL OF NATURE

“ Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees


What are environmental crimes and how are they classified ?

1) Wild animal trafficking :

Wildlife trafficking has evolved to be one of the major and severe crime emerging by a vast underground crime networks. The legal trade of wildlife will soon bring the world to the verge of extinction of species in large number. In addition, big game hunters are killing these extinct species for their benefits of being awarded with trophies ,recognition by awarding cash prices, and so on. Smuggling of wildlife species like tigers , snake’s skin, etc has also headway to illegal wildlife trafficking. The TRAFFIC analysis indicates that there has been a substantial rise in the recorded poaching of wild animals in India during the lockdown era, which is not confined to any geographical region or state or to any particular wildlife location. During the lockdown, reports on the incidence of poaching for consumption and local trade more than doubled, although there was no evidence of stockpiling of wildlife products for future trade.

2) Deforestation:

Trees are boon bestowed on mankind. They maintain equilibrium in environment. Playing foul with nature has caused large scale devastation of forests . Planting of trees is the most noble act. One generation plants them and second and the third reaps its fruits. Thus , if these messages are registered well with the Indians then India can once again regain it’s lost grandeur in nature’s vernal show. The Amazon forest destruction which is one of the largest rainforest in the world is one of the example of deforestation.

3) Mismanagement of Waste

Our universe is slowly getting trapped in the vicious web of pollution, global warming , deforestation and environmental degradation. Excessive consumerism and reckless use of resources and disposal of garbage are the basic reasons for this pitiable condition . Small steps taken at the personal level can go a long way to bring about a bigger change and revolution. Reduce , Reuse and Recycle are the three R’s which can save us from the 3’D’s Damge, Destruction and Devastation. so let us manage waste and survive tomorrow.

What is your take on the statement, “development means damage to the environment.” ?

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.

      – Margaret Mead

Development means damage to the environment enumerates development at the cost of environment.  Development should not be at the cost of environment as it has been rightly quoted by Mahatma Gandhi that “Earth has enough resources for Man’s needs but not for Man’s Greed.” Similarly , the principle of sustainable development means finding ways of development which will improve everyone’s quality of life without damaging the environment and without creating problems for the future generation. Sustainable Development means using the available resources in such a way that the future generation does not have to compromise and learns to respect and save non renewable resources. So , this conclusion is consistent with the description that principle of sustainable development should string along so that environment is not harmed and development is not browned at the cost of environment.

What steps do you think, we as individuals, should take to curb environmental crimes?

It seems to me that we all look at nature too much and live with her too little .”


Heart cherishes love. and only this love can save and protect our Mother earth from the dreadful clutches of Crimes against the Environment. Therefore, we should not only observe and appreciate this beautiful nature but also try to preserve and conserve nature. As it rightly said by Howard Zinn, “Small acts when multiplied by millions of people , can transform the world .” Similarly , we as individuals should not only plant trees but also motivate others to do the same act. one should conduct workshops on safe disposal of garbage , serration of waste as well as educate people about the ill-effects of their reckless behaviour towards the environment. one should encourage such programs and actively participate in it which would help out the Mother Earth to make it a better place for the entire human race to live in( Michael Jackson). We have marked many wounds on the soul of environment by many illegal acts such as deforestation, wildlife trafficking , pollution, etc. but now is the time when we should heal these wounds with the medicines with three R’s i.e. Recycle, Renovate and Restructure as well as awareness about the environment.


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