Author of “Medical Negligence: Not An Act Of God, Its Pretty Clear Cut”

Tell us about yourself ?

I’m Rupa Paul. I have completed BHM(Bachelor in Hospital Management),MBA in Hospital Administration, and now I’m pursuing my PhD in Management from Amity University Kolkata. I have more than 5years of experience in healthcare sector. I have participated in many conferences nationally and internationally and have also got second prize in one conference organised by NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. My areas of interest are Consumer Behaviour, Healthcare, Operations Research, Marketing and Business Studies. During my leisure time I like to read books and cook delicious food.

Your Research Manuscript’s title is “Medical Negligence: not an Act Of God, Its Pretty Clear Cut.” What made you incline towards that theme?

The changing relationship of modern medicine and medicine has influenced medical practice. On the one hand, there may be side effects of treatment and on the other hand the patient suspects negligence as the cause of their suffering. There is a growing tendency for medical malpractice claims for dissatisfied patients. The Supreme Court has set guidelines for criminal prosecution of doctors. This has reduced the unnecessary abuse of doctors. Since medical work is brought under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, patients have an easy way to file a lawsuit.

Could you tell us what is medical negligence?

Medical negligence occurs when a physician fails to provide the expected care in each case thereby leading to the injury or death of the patient. It could be any abuse or breach of a health care agreement or services provided by a health care provider to patients.There should be a formal awareness among physicians that will assist them in the proper recording of medical information. This will assist them in defending their cases against any allegations of medical negligence.

What do you think is the supreme reason for medical negligence?

The root cause of medical error or medical negligence is the neglect of said doctors or medical professionals can be seen in various cases where physical care is not taken during diagnosis, during surgery, sometimes during anesthesia etc. The basic knowledge that Medical negligence is being judged in various judicial courts in India will help the practitioner to perform the task without undue worry over the medical negligence case.

What is/are the solution(s) that you would like to suggest for curbing medical negligence?

There are many solutions that I would suggest for curbing medical negligence are :-

A.) Strive for trust, to open relationships. A good place to start, according to those with experience in the wrong cases, is to establish a trusting and open patient relationship.

B.) Communication should be bi-directional.

C.) Referral to other doctors should be made by the primary doctor if If all the standard remedies are not working.

D. ) Another solution is to create, and comply with, policies to ensure patient safety and to maintain good communication, such as getting training recipients and other staff to know when to answer a patient’s question and when to refer it to a doctor.


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