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I’m a law student who likes to read in her free time. I like to learn new things which helps me better understand a concept I was previously unfamiliar with. I aspire to be a corporate lawyer in the near future and have recently developed a knack on improving my drafting skills by taking part in competitions where I can express my thoughts by writing them out.

How did the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871 impact the Transgender community in Colonial India? Do the victims of Criminalization still suffer?

Under the Criminal Tribes Act, 1871, the entire transgender community was considered as a criminal tribe involved in kidnapping and castrating children, without any solid proof. This lead to a general assumption amongst the masses that the whole community was involved in such activities which created a taboo about them. They are treated as an outcast to this date and are ridiculed and harassed for being who they are.

What are the highlights of the landmark judgment for the petition filed by NALSA in favour of the transgender community?

The transgender community now have their right to identity. Their gender identity can be their very own be it a man, woman or someone who identifies as both the sexes and someone who identifies as neither. Their fundamental rights which were compromised over the years because of their gender, are now being granted to them. The Apex Court has even asked the governments to take measures for the acceptance of the community in the society.

What are the schemes implemented by the State Governments to safeguard the rights of the Transgender Community?

Many governments have set up a transgender welfare board in order to help resolve the problems faced by the community. The State Governments of Kerala and Rajasthan have issued a separate identity card for transgender people so that they can avail the services offered to them by the government. Welfare policies have been set up for their inclusion in the society. The governments have proposed various measures but the implementation and functioning of those measures is yet to be seen.

How can a transition happen from this stigmatic approach of people? Suggest ways for the actual implementation of proposed schemes to take place.

Awareness programs discussing gender identity and how transgender people feel and go   through with their day-to-day lives is very much needed. Their issues needs to be        discussed. The reason             people see them with a stigmatic approach is because of their            lack of awareness about the topic. The implementation of these schemes will only take place when a transgender persons is included in the decision making boards who   formulate the schemes. Various transgender rights activists and experts should be             consulted as they have a better understanding of the problem and know the hardships the   community goes through on a daily basis.


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