Author of “LGBTQ, the overlooked community in India”

Tell us about yourself ?

I am a thinker in every sense of the word. I have always been one, my field of education, law gives me the ability to think in a wider sense. I have completed my 3rd year of law and have a acquired a sense of the state of our country or rather the world. Thinking and Learning makes up for a lot of my time but when I am not doing either I like to play my keyboard or read a book which could be said to be my hobbies.

You have titled your manuscript as “LGBTQ, the overlooked community in India”. Why are such people always overlooked and labelled as abnormal? 

Humans have been known to hate people who are different from them. The main problems such as Casteism and reginal disputes that exists in our country can be solved if we stop thinking of ourselves to be superior than others. Our country is renowned for its culture which divides us rather than uniting us. The LGBTQA community is overlooked as most of the groups of people tend to avoid associating themselves with people of this community. They are treated us abnormal as anyone who does not fit into the norms of our society is treated as such. Ancient India has treated this community more tolerantly than we have.

What are the laws relating to LGBT in India?

 The decriminalization of sec 377 and both the Transgender Bills have not done any justice to the LGBT community. The decriminalization of sec 377 has just humanized this community by not criminalizing them. That was just the tip of the iceberg, the main laws for their safety and protection is still not been introduced. The Judgement of the Supreme court in the NALSA case was life changing for Transgenders but the main points of that case was not implemented in the Transgender Bill. Hence the laws related to LGBT in our country are not sufficient and they don’t even cover the basic rights of this community.

What is homophobia and how should it be dealt with in India? 

Homophobia is the intense hate towards homosexuality. Educating people about the fact that homosexuality is not a choice rather it is an innate feeling. People should understand the seriousness of this issue, leaders in India who speak against homosexuals in public platforms should be warned of serious consequences.Schools should introduce students to the topic of LGBT from a very young age to spread awareness.

Why do you think homosexual couples are still not allowed to have same sex marriages or adopt a child? 

Marriages in India are too complicated and messy. Honour killing is still prevalent in India which states that people are too concerned about the society rather than the welfare of their children. Same sex marriages are not possible if the country can’t guarantee the safety of the both the partners. Indians have long lived in the shadows of culture to an extent where even if the law permitted the marriages of same sex couples the people of this country won’t accept it. Culture or norms of society prevent Indians from looking at the effects it has on its people.


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