Call For Co-Ordinators: LSS’s Moot & Research School

Call For Co-Ordinators: LSS’s Moot & Research School


The Moot and Research school at La Senatus Scriptors provides for an “equipping platform.” It is endowed with immense knowledge and guidance from Intellectuals with specific ares of expertise. The school is divided into four platforms:

1. Moot Mentorship Consortium

2. Moot Proposition Workstation

3. Research Mentorship Consortium

4. Research Workshops

All the said platforms strive to provide the essential instructions, strategies, materials, and every other thing associated with mooting and research work publication. We help you to reach the heights of your potential.


  • Managing your university students to avail free mentorship
  • Co-ordinating with your applicants and joining the one to one session with experts as our LSS representative via Google Meet.
  • Providing opportunity to become a mentor to tier moot winners in your University.

You shall be given recognition as our Moot & Research School Coordinator among your University students. Additionally, certificate of service and LOR will be provided for your noble service for the cause to provide free mentorship to all the law students in India.


Applications along with a resume attached shall be mailed to


Whatsapp: +918680864923
Call: +918680864923; +919585932733


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