Tell us about yourself ?

Firstly , I am thanking you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself .

        My self Shristi , I belong from Patna . I passed my  secondary education being a science student and I am pursuing my under graduation in B.A  LLB   from Amity University .

I love listening to music, sketching is my thing . It is very intriguing being a law student as I ‘ve never got any practical knowledge of it before .  I believe in God , what’s fun if we don’t believe in them , something unexpected ,something that’s god That’s all.

What is communal apathy? Why has physical distancing led us to this state?

          By “Communal Apathy” I clearly mean lack of concern ,faith and an irresponsible towards community .We live in a community or country as whole where humanity is foremost principle. Life has its own ups & down , understanding the inevitable ups & down is a great starting point in building serenity .  For example this pandemic who bring a cause of millions death, physical & economic suffering with itself . Pandemics not only test the immunity but also mental health of human being . It was not very surprising when I heard superstition happening in many districts or maybe jamaat people in mid-march without any precautions and many such news violating the pandemics laws .

 What according to you, are the laws relating to pandemic that every individual is ought to be aware of?

           According to me the very first law that every individual is ought to be aware of with situations be it pandemic or any other crucial situation is “Humanity” , cause “ humanity with some liability turns to security & lack of it will leads to immorality”.

What could be the reasons for people to accept liabilities on promoting an issue rather than putting an end to it?

     Lockdown was to aware us how dangerous the virus is & was given various precautionary measures .during lockdown is was controlled to some extent & thanks to police force and doctors for this . It was the time when we should prepare our self and also prepare our hospitals for this , but it is devastating to state that after Unlock 1 was announced the markets were crowded as normal days ,people were carelessly moving and that result to drastically increasing number of death rates and then we easily say that our government is not providing facilities . I am trying to state that we should participate actively and act accordingly for welfare state .

What ways do you suggest to curb this communal apathy?

       We as a responsible citizen should continuously & ferociously guard our great secular heritage ,communal differences should be nipped in the bud itself & not allowed to rise and flourish . One could not & should not make sweeping judgements about India’s secular nature just by browsing through a few shameful incident of hatred , which are register on the page of history .


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