Author of “5th Educational Revolution: NEP 2020- A Ray Of Hope?”

Tell us about yourself ?

Well first of all I would like to Express my gratitudetowards La Senatus Scriptors for providing me such an amazing opportunity. Myself Kingshuk and I belong from Ranchi. Being a science student, I find law fascinating . I love reading historical case and especially the way lawyers weave a matrix while presenting their case. I’m a bibliophile who loves playing online games, I’m a big fan of TV series and even bigger fan of animes. Being an aspiring writer I truly  believe that you can create anything to everything with your imagination. I believe that destiny is something crafted by our own hands.

According to you what are the current setbacks of the educational systems?

I think that one of the biggest flaws of the current education system is not imparting proper skills among the youth. Students graduate out from colleges with high grades & degrees yet fail to secure proper jobs. Specializations and skills are the factors that make an individual prominent among the crowd, with major focus on career oriented studies, vocational training and unique capability development among students is given minimal importance. Also, nowadays educational institutions mainly focus on rote learning rather than conceptual clarity which hampers the critical thinking & analysis of a student

In what way the National Education policy 2020 seem to be a ray of hope?

In a concise manner I can say that the NEP 2020 covers all the major aspects of education system which needs to be redefined. There are some huge reforms as well as minor reforms capable ofproducing proper makeover. I personally think that minor reforms like extending the mid-may meal skill to pre-primary stage, recognizing special education zones in the country, focusing on 360 degree holistic development and setting up a gender inclusion fund as well as incentivizing the poor would ensurea greater gross enrolment ratio, one of the primary objectives of the NEP 2020.

Do you really find the inevitable role of technological innovations in our education appreciable?


Absolutely! There is no doubt that the involvement of modern day technology has revolutionized the Indian education system. From reaching remote corners in the country to sparing the time wasted in traffics technological innovations stand as a major domain in providing quality education while ensuring equality and equity. I myself being a huge fan of online education can very well estimate the benefits of online education over classroom programmes. What I find most thrilling is that I could connect to the best teachers, best institute, and numerous educational platforms all while sitting in my home.

What methods do you suggest to overcome the challenge of digital illiteracy?


Well to be honest the problem of digital illiteracy has been around for quite some time now. Completely eradicating it is not a simple task that could be accomplished in a few years span. So to handle such a situation we first need to shift our priority to establish values of inclusion and democratizing the access to technology. Also we need to come up with innovative ideas & Programme to impart practical knowledge of the technology that are  being used in day to day life.Usually older people find it difficult to adjust with the ever-changing technology such a complication can be resolved by providing professional assistance.


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