Author of “Evolution Of Law Relating To Corporate World And Comparison On Global Level”

Tell us about yourself ?

I am known by the name Jashanpreet which means victory to love. I am currently studying law in 2nd year from Amity law school and I inspire to be a corporate lawyer. My hobbies include basketball, bhangra, travelling and shopping. My hometown is in Ludhiana, Punjab. Apart from this I am a great fan of Mary kom

What were the factors that led to the dawn of the Competition Law in India by overruling the MRTP Act?

There were three main reasons behind that. Firstly, if we discuss in layman language it only benefited the big business houses which was in complete contrast to its basic idea. Secondly, due to its rigorous provisions it gave birth to ‘Predatory Pricing’ which meant labelling the value of goods below its true price and lastly there was a tremendous ambiguity in law.

What according to you were the notable observations of the Subimal Dutt Committee with respect to the enactment of the MRTP Act?

To discuss briefly, it observed that there was corruption on a large scale which was done by handful of big business houses of that time and regional imbalance was created as only 4 states viz. Maharashtra, West Bengal, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu were able to acquire sixty two per cent of the total licences issued.

What is your take on the legality of tie-in agreements?


As per se, tie-in agreements or tying agreements are not typically violative of law but they do harass the end consumer in some or the other way. As in these types of agreements, customer is forced to buy some cheaper product with the primary product which he needs.

Why do you think Cartel offenses will have serious effects if criminalized in India, just like many other countries?


 In the coming future if cartel offences are criminalized in India like other countries then it has a good possibility of limiting such cases for further future as it has shown positive results and comparative less number of cases in other countries if compared to India.


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