Author of “Need for Restructuring The Education System”

Tell us about yourself ?

Hi, I’m Neha. Llb 3rd yr student. A curious soul, passionate reader & studious explorer. My area’s of interest are Governance, public policy & social issues. I keep keen watch on international affairs. I believe in Internationalism & transnational relations which I think can leads to furtherance of co operation among nations for the comman good of all the global citizens in this interconnected world. I believe in power of positive change & want to contribute For. practising spirituality and dancing are my hobbies. special focus on classical & Folk dances in particular. Also I love to associate people having diverse cultural background.

From your perspective, in what way is the existing Educational System deficient? 

         There are many areas where I think deficiency of system lies that needs serious emphasis. for instance, early childhood care & education system, attainment of foundational literacy & numeracy, curtailing drop out rates & ensuring universal access to education at all levels,improving curriculum & pedagogy, Student assessment, equitable & inclusive education, robust teacher education & recruitment, access to education for socio-economically disadvantaged group.Further, skilling & school governance are main areas of concern.

 What is the impact created by the National Education Policy 2020? 

           National education policy 2020 shaped the more aspirational youth segment. It develops deep sense of respect towards the fundamental rights, Duties & constitutional values. I myself acquired deep sense of gratitude & conscious awareness about my responsibilities with country. In order to achieve progressive realisation of said policy we need to make improvements at the grass roots level. Well-thought-out plan with long term goal & its implementation will make NEP operational.

What do you mean by Education Governance Models and how are these categorized?


Education Governance models I mean, It is legal decision making power within universities between various governance structure & administrative structure. Furthermore it refers to the division of responsibility &accountability with regard to the authorities. The purpose of higher education governance is to articulate common public interests and to realize their goals. They are categorised into state-centered model, the self-rule model and the market-oriented model. Each of the governance models has their own advantages and disadvantages.

How epochal is restructuring our Educational system in building a better world?


 As I said in my paper, “Education is all a matter of building bridges”. Restructuring the Education SystemWill bring global integration, greater coherence, More liberal order.Transformative reforms in school & higher education system will open up Pandora’s box of opportunities for new-new innovation which will instills skills,values that support sustainable development & global well being, thereby reflecting a truly global citizen thus overall contribute in better World.


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