Tell us about yourself ?

I am an enthusiastic person who pursues a keen interest in Indian laws as well as international relations. My personal favourite law is Constitutional law and I love to read it along with constitutional history. I have a keen interest in talking and taking a stand about issues like equality for all, feminism, liberalism, racism, casteism, mental health etc.

What are the Labour legislations enacted by the Indian Parliament to protect the interests of our workmen?

There are many legislations that protect the rights and interests of workmen/employees. Some of then are mentioned below:1. Employment Act2. Factories Act, 19483. Minimum Wages Act, 19484. The Employee’s Compensation Act, 19235. The Employees State Insurance Act, 19486. The Maternity Benefit Act 19617. The Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 19528. The Payment of Gratuity Act, 19729. Beedi and Cigar Workers (Conditions of Employment) Act, 1966

What are the outcomes of the efforts made by the government in achieving social security? 

India does not explicitly recognise a minimum social security cover at national level yet. A while ago, with the Supreme Court’s intervention in the Right to Food case, the government has gone ahead to provide nutrition and employment support with a legal guarantee through the MGNREGA.The gap is widening in social protection for the class of working poor. India spends only 1.4% of its GDP on social protection, among the lowest in Asia, far lower than China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and even Nepal, which desperately needs to improve. The present government has not yet viewed any support to the subject of legally guaranteed social protection for all workers.

Why do you consider that the concept of social security should be seen as a wise investment instead of a burden?


India being a socialistic democratic state has a commitment of providing social and economic justice to its citizens for the survival of democracy. Social Security is mostly a pay-as-you-go system, with each generation of workers supporting previous generations in retirement and the trust fund for the deserving workers.Social Security benefits go to targeted beneficiaries—retired workers, people with disabilities, and their spouses and dependents. These benefits continue until older beneficiaries die, disabled worker beneficiaries are able to return to work (or not), and younger dependents reach working age.

What ways would you suggest to help people realize their social responsibility towards each other?


I. The universalization of social security measures needs stricter enforcement of labour laws.II. Strict accountability on the implementing authorities towards the failure of the social security enactments is required.III. Generating more awareness about social security.IV. Proper identification of target group is needed for getting the best results of the social security measures.V. Regular consultation with workers both in formal and informal sector of work is required.VI. Efforts should be made to reduce wide gap between the policy making and execution stage.VII. Social responsibility towards each other should be realized.VIII. Uniform coverage of social security measure.IX. Simplified procedure to file claim to get the benefits of labour legislations is needed. X. More employment opportunities should be generated to reduce dependency.


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