Author of “Staying Home Proportionate To Staying Safe?”

Tell us about yourself ?

I am Disha Roy, a third-year student from ICFAI LAW UNIVERSITY  Hyderabad. I’ve been passionate about this field ab intio. I want to bring positive changes in society and enlighten it with the knowledge I gather through this field. Other than that I  love watching documentaries about wildlife 

How will you resolve this moral dispute on choosing between a right and a duty? 

In order to resolve this dispute, I  would suggest the government to take initiative and shift the victims to a safer place away from their marital home. In case the victim has no place to go other than the marital homes the should be shifted to women shelters after proper medical examination.

What could be the cause of the steep rise in the number of domestic violence cases during a lockdown? 

Non-availability of negative coping mechanism such as alcohol 

Frustration due to lack of purchasing power to maintain pre lockdown style of living

Lack of job opportunity

Lack of private space for both the victim and the abuser

What ways do you suggest to protect women from the domestic violence they face due to social isolation and forced coexistence? 


I would suggest the women not to adhere and condone even the slightest sign of violence to keep the neighbours are relatives informed about their condition on a daily basis to contact and seek recourse to the nearest police station as soon as they have faced such unbearable violence through he provided helpline numbers



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