Author of “Transgender And Prison In India”

Tell us about yourself ?

I am a 3rd year BCOMLLB student at Amity University, Mumbai. I consider myself an ambitious person hoping to become a young female judge someday. Law is something I have always found intriguing and being a strong minded person, I like to express my views openly. I have recently published few articles of my own. I am also  a member of a UN affiliated organsiation Girl up Fly(working for the constant upliftment of women in our society).  Along with this, I am known to be a person with a sense of humour and good organizational skills. I believe equality can be achieved if we all keep fighting for it.

What are the problems faced by transgenders in prison?

The primary problems faced by transgender in prison are:

  1. physical and verbal abuse by police, inmates and other prison staff,
  2. lack of medical facilities especially with respect to hormone pills etc. ,
  3. lack of recognition of gender- often the accused are put in cells with the gender they physically resemble to and not with their recognized gender making them vulnerable to sexual assault.
  4. Lack of separate washrooms is another major issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Where do we fail in accepting the transgender community while we are proud of cherishing our diverse culture? 

I would say we have failed as human beings by giving them inhumane treatment.Despite the diverse cultures, people are very deeply attached to their religion and most religions accept gender as either male or female and hence the discrimination, The laws that criminalized homosexuality, and other vague laws against sex work and absence of laws to protect the community all added to the cause.  

Why do you think transgenders are discriminated against despite the existence of constitutional provisions to protect them? 


Transgender people do sex work or beg as they have no other means of earning a livelihood and the often others see them as merely sex objects and half of the others are scared of them because they are told so hence, the fact that the transgender people are discriminated is because the society does not see them as human beings.

They were always recognized but never were treated equally, even in the times of Kings the medical or modern history they were merely given jobs of maids mostly with the queens, but it was the British era that led to the hatred for the community.

How will the establishment of the National Council for the transgender community improvise the position of the oppressed?


With the establishment of a separate council for the community at a national level, there is a hope that the community will prosper as a whole, they will have facilities like housing, food, shelter, education and medical facilities. State welfare boards will also be set up. Five members of the community are also nominated as members of the board of the council thereby ensuring a fair representation .They are recognized now but there is still a long way for the community to go and the National Council will serve as the ladder to the community.


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