Juriscriptors of 3rd JNRMC, 2020


OF 3RD JNRMC, 2020

1. “Utility Models: Patent Infringement Or Proprietary Innovation?”, M.Sri Nikila & G.S.Shri Gayathri, School Of Excellence In Law, Chennai

2. “Evolution Of Law Relating To Corporate World And Comparison On Global Level”, Jashanpreet Kaur, Amity University, Noida

3. “Social Security Under Labour Laws As A Basic Tool To Achieve The Long Road Towards Workers’ Human Rights – Anindian Perspective”, Shruti Chaudhary, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow

4. “MSME Arbitration – A Draconian Legislation Or Relief?”, Oindrila Mukherjee, University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies, Dehradun

5. “The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 : A Benefit & An Affliction”, Harshada Sunil Gupta, Rajarshi Shahu College Of Law, Mumbai

6. “Acid Violence On The LGBT Community- A Scar To Humanity”, Yash Gupta & Tanya Sinha, National Law University And Judicial Academy, Assam

7. “Multispectral Analysis Of Common Cause Judgment: Right To Die With Dignity, Ritika Ranka And Pavithra Rajesh”, The National University Of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi

8. “Marital Rape: An Exception To Rape”, Arya Utkarshni, Symbiosis International University

9. “Freedom Of Speech And Expression: Hate Speech Dilemma – The Comparative Analysis”, Rishi Khemani, University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies, Dehradun.

10. “Veiled Legalization Of Human Trafficking In India In The 21st Century”, Nilanjana Sarkar, Department Of Law, Burdwan University

11. “Need for Restructuring The Education System”, Neha Rajendra Dharme, Dr Ambedkar Law College Deekshabhumi, Nagpur, Maharashtra

12. “The Repercussions of The Tenebrous Pandemic”, Diksha Mehta, Army Institute Of Law, Mohali, Punjab

13. “5th Educational Revolution: Nep 2020- A Ray Of Hope?”, Kingshuk Chatterjee, St Xavier’s College, Ranchi

14. “Transgender And Prison In India”, Faiza Naved, Amity University, Mumbai, Maharashtra

15. “Staying Home Proportionate To Staying Safe?”, Disha Roy, IFHE Law School, Hyderabad


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