Tell us about yourself ?

I am Sanchari Chakraborty, a fourth year law student, with specialization is in International Law and I’m looking forward to pursue my LLM in international human rights law.

What made you to work on a research piece titled, “Interpretation of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005 and The Need for Gender Neutrality?

Definitly India is among those counties where even these days women are faced with multiple issues starting from domestic violence to social discrimination, but the rising amount of misusing the women centric laws and the growing incidents of domestic violence on men raises the question of gender neutrality and right to equality irrespective of the gender.

What do think are the ambit of the words, “gender neutrality”?

Though my paper particularly deals with men and women, people of both the three genders, i.e., men, women and the LGBT (which includes the third gender) falls within the ambit of gender neutrality.

What does feminism mean to you?


To me feminism means getting educated and earning my own livelihood, to fight against discrimination both within the domestic and the social sphere, but definitely not to take any advantage for being woman. For the feminism is self empowerment rather than attacking the other gender.

In your view, what are the ways to tackle domestic violence, especially during lowdown and situations like that?


More helpline numbers which are gender neutral, has to be circulated via newspapers and television.
People need to be made aware of the laws available to them against domestic violence.
Spending family time, involving in social works like feeding the strays and the needy people during this difficult time, helping others in getting medical assistance, getting busy in doing productive things are some other ways according to me which can help prevent domestic violence during such situations.


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