Tell us about yourself ?

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude towards la Senatus scriptors, for giving me such a prodigious opportunity. I am a 3rd-year B.A.LL.B (Hons.) student at JECRC University, Jaipur. My principal career goal is to be a judge. I like to express my views openly, having versatile nature law is the best career to execute. I am very passionate towards my work that helps me to perform better and enrich my skills. I have a keen interest in the topic which is related to crime as law helps me to provide justice to the citizens.

What motivated you to write about rape?

Rape is a heinous crime which has its faces either in a way of assault, battery or harassment. Every day many girls face this issue. Nowadays, India is not considered as a safe country for women. People commit a crime on the name of political, religious and emotional criteria. Rape is not just a crime it is a torment which a victim face, which cannot be even imagined. The reason which leads me to write about rape is to help somewhere to get rid of this crime, to protect our society, to aware the citizens the gravity of the situation.

Why do think there’s a surge in rape cases during the pandemic?

During Pandemic there is a surge in rape cases due to especially Domestic Violence might be due to families staying indoors. Due to the massive amount of anxiety the women are becoming prey of men’s anger. While a strict level of lockdown is being followed to have a strict check on Coronavirus, this amount of strictness eventually creates a strict bar upon those women victims who wants to get back to their paternal houses or seek for help from the police administration.

If you were asked to define rape, what would be your definition?


Rape is a sexual assault by one or more individual’s which has been committed forcibly on women. A threat of injury committed involuntary who is beneath a certain age, or a person who is in an unconscious, intoxicate unsoundness mind. It also imports that the victim has been coerced by an accused.

How do you think one can offer support to a rape victim?


Support to the victim will not decrease the level of their suffering but providing justice give them mental relief as well as protect our other girls, women of our society by giving harsh punishment to the accused. There is a need for modification in our society.


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