Tell us about yourself ?

My Name is Saumya Shalini. I am a law graduate and I have completed my 3 year degree LLB Program from Vinoba Bhave University in the year 2019. I live in Ranchi, Jharkhand. I have worked as a Legal Associate in a law firm named Hammurabi & Solomon in Ranchi, branch. I am a simple yet hard working person. I love to read and cook. I am a traveler as well who loves to explore things.

What motivated you to work on a research piece related to the justice system?

While I was working in my office I came across a case where a person had been terminated from his work. He was a government employee and had been terminated on grounds of an anonymous letter being furnished to his officials regarding his recruitment. It had been seven years since he was running to the court for his case just to be heard. Most of the times his case was not even listed and most of times despite being listed the entire day would go by just listening to a few cases so I came to thinking as how long will it take.

According to you, what are the prime reasons for the delay in disposing cases in the Indian scenario?

Personally speaking I believe that it takes so long or rather to say the basic reasons for delay in disposing of cases in Indian Scenario would be the deficiency of courts and judges panel. There are so less number of judges per case, per court, to be precise in ratio to the population of India that they are not able to cope up to the speed of trial being heard and disposed of.

What solution would you propose for reducing the delay in disposing the cases?


The basic solution that I would propose for reducing the delay in disposing the cases would be that government should recruit more no of judges and should enhance the technology system of courts specifically to say of the subordinate courts. The infrastructures of the courts especially in small towns are so poor that there isn’t even proper electricity so that the for example fax system or other technical assistance can be maintained.

In your opinion, justice delayed is justice denied or justice hurried is justice buried?


To be very precise both go side by side we cannot go with one way and not consider the another. If justice delayed is denied which is absolutely the case these days as we can see through many cases to say Nirbhaya’ rapists being hanged after years and years of trial or the Jessica Lal’s case. But if we do go too fast with a notion to deliver justice as fast as possible then we miss out on some very vital issues related to the case which can completely change the perspective of it. Therefore I feel both go side by side.


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