Tell us about yourself ?

Hi everyone! My name is Muskan Jain. I’m a 4th year student studying B.A LLB (Hons.) from National Law University, Visakhapatnam. There is no better way to exercise the imagination than by studying law. I am deeply interested and passionate to understand all the domestic laws. I have worked on various research papers and participated in various moot court competition. Thank you for giving this opportunity.

What motivated you to write about “Whistle Blower Policy and Corporate Governance”?

The paper “Whistle Blower Policy and Corporate Governance: A comparative study between USA and India” gives you a wider understanding of the concept of whistle blower policy and corporate governance in toto. The various corporate scams happening around the globe made me realise the dire need for more ethical standard of governance and safeguards. The paper attempts to understand and conclude by stating that “WBP is like a rapier – a double-edged sword and it requires a proper balance”

Please enumerate the relevance of the above-mentioned instance in the Indian Scenario?

In Indian scenario, there are various attempts made by the confederation of Indian Industries and Clause 49 SEBI’S listing agreement which is a non mandatory provision in nature. Companies Act being the mother of corporate sector has no clear provision which talks about whistleblowers and their protection. It is silent on that aspect. This makes us realise that there is an urgent need of norms of corporate governance mechanism and stringent laws who can regulate these corporate entities in India. The whistleblower policy would be an efficient tool for corporate governance and these mechanism would protect the interests of stakeholders and companies interests.



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