Ethics, Public Trust and The Medical Practice


Ethics is the set of moral principles that guide a person’s actions and behaviour. Medical ethics is that branch of ethics which scrutinizes clinical medicine practice and research. It is a set of guidelines which, a practitioner in cross roads may refer. It is often the deciding authority in most life and death cases. Another crucial concept in the medical arena is ‘patient trust’, which is in some way, a by-product of the standard of medical ethics. In this article, we shall take a look at what medical ethics is, why it is important, and the changing dynamics of medical ethics as a result of modernisation. The technological and scientific advancements in the current century have been a boon to millions of people. But, the medical professionals are faced with a new set of challenges and difficulties. The physicians increasingly feel the need to match the advancements with the moral dimensions. So often, they are faced with ethical and moral dilemmas. To add to this, ethical standards are very dynamic in nature. What was considered as ethical yesterday may not be so today, and what is unethical today might turn into an ethical practice tomorrow.

Authored by Gopalakrishnan R R, Sastra Deemed University

Criminalization of Cartel Offenses in India


The cartel offences have been a global problem slowing disrupting the economy of the world. The developing countries have been known to be more vulnerable than the developed countries. India, being a developing country has gone through its fair share of cartel offence cases. In India, cartel offences are merely civil offences and they do not come under criminal offences. The main topic of discussion is the criminalization of these offences acting as a greater deterrent effect than the offence being classified under administrative law. The severity of these offences also acts as a driving point to criminalize it. Cartel offences are criminal offences in various countries like the US while the UK classifies it as both civil and criminal offences, the stand of India will be addressed in this article. This article further emphasis on the reasons for criminalizing cartel offence in India and whether the criminalization will be a deter the course of this offence.

Authored by Keerthikah.A, School of Excellence, Mumbai University

Healthy Workplace Should be a Right & Not a Privilege


This article studies about “Global Program on Employment Injury Insurance (GEIP)”, following that this article include that what exactly the term employment means and what are the various duties of the employer towards their employee to make the environment of workplace healthy so that the work given by employer to employee should not feel like burden to them instead they will work much efficiently to benefit the company in larger. I will also state the right of the employee in workplace by the law and various act that was made by government for the benefit of the employee and what are the impacts of GEIP on the workers & at last I will refer a case related to it.

Authored by Shristi Singh, Amity University.

Insider Trading and The Unfair Trade Practices


Insider Trading is an Unfair Trade Practice which has caused quite a stir all over the world. Many public entities are deceived by a trader who deals with diverting information to gain illegal profits. This article talks about the laws enacted by the countries to deal with the situation and how the authorities are functioning with accordance to these laws.

Authored by Sharyu Rumde, School of Excellence, Mumbai University

Inclusion Of Gaming Disorder In The International Classification of Disease


The World Health Organization classified Gaming Disorder as a mental illness caused due to excessive gaming. This inclusion has divided the opinions of people as the decision is both praised as well as condemned. In this article, we will study about this condition and determine the validity of the decision. The World Health Organization in their 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases added Gaming Disorder in the group of ‘Disorders due to addictive behaviours’. This inclusion ended up creating quite a controversy as many people criticized the decision. There was a clash of opinions all over the world. Digital and video games are immensely popular amongst the masses. In fact, to such an extent that it is estimated to be more profitable than the movie making business. Gone are the days when video games were a form of entertainment for just kids, with the amount of popularity it has garnered over the years, teens and adults equally divulge in it. However, it has been observed that people end up spending too much time playing these games. To say that people are not addicted to it would be an understatement, as some people have come forward to seek help in order to stop their gaming addiction, but naming it as a disorder and classifying it with the likes of gambling addiction is where the questions start arising.

Authored by Sharyu Rumde, School of Law, Mumbai University

The Thriving Dispute of Corporate Fraud and it’s Supremacy Over Other White-Collar Crimes


Corporate Fraud has always been side-lined by our society as the impact of it, is not understood by many. The media has always given more attention to blue-collar crimes as they hold the attention of people more than white collar crimes. Most of the people believe fraud to be a part of business and don’t realise the consequences which will affect them. Being unaware about such topics makes a person vulnerable to these crimes as unlike other crimes, corporate fraud can affect any number of people. The social and economic effects of Corporate Fraud is immeasurable as the number of people affected is enormous. Fraud has been present in our world since time immemorial, even with proper laws corporate fraud has not shown any intention of slowing down. It has quickly spread its wings aggressively affecting our global economy. The influential people are mostly behind these frauds which makes it difficult to detect it or find any evidence relating to it. Hence there is often no conviction in these cases. The prevention of these frauds in the earlier stages is of utmost importance to make sure the company is safe from fraudulent activity. Corporate Fraud is a very serious issue and it should be treated as such before it becomes a norm for employees or executives to participate in unethical ways to gain more money. Some of the cases of Corporate Fraud such as Enron scandal or the Saradha group scam are good examples to understand the seriousness of this crime. This article briefly explains the effect of corporate fraud in our world economy with the help of some well-known corporate frauds which have previously done some serious damage to the respective country’s economy which in turn affected the economy globally.

Authored by A. Keerthikah, SOL, Mumbai University

Medical Termination of Pregnancy: A View From the Lens of Humanitarianism


Feminism has gained a global momentum. Various movements and legislations are helping place women and men in the same societal footing. Thanks to social media and the increasing open mindedness of the society, social taboos against women are being shed and the problems faced by them are brought to light more often than not. Termination of pregnancy is one such practice which is gaining a slow, yet gradual global recognition.

Authored by Gopalakrishnan, R R, SASTRA School of Law

How Illegal Business Practice is Anonymously Justified by Legal Means


This article studies about “ Flag of Convenience and its repercussion on seafarers”, following that this article will include brief introduction with historical view of it , how its convenience are very much inconvenience for labor or common people and for welfare of state . Its impact on seafarer and what are the laws for the preventions, proponent and consequences of the process with a clear conclusion .

Authored by Shristi Singh, Amity University.

Awareness For Illicit Companies that are Self-Titiled as “Shell Company”


This article studies about a gist of a shell company & provide a brief historical overview . Following that this article will have the main objective of a shell company , factors that are related to shell company , how it used for illegitimate as well as for legitimate purpose , laws that are violated by shell companies , steps taken by government for removal of shell companies , its impact on the society and country at large and at last I will be concluding my article by referring a case and inserting my views to it

Authored by Shrishti Singh, Amity University.

A Global Perspective on Product Liability


Product Liability is an emerging law which deals with protecting the rights of consumers. Many times, manufacturers or suppliers sell a defective product which ends up harming a consumer, this field of law makes sure that such harm caused doesn’t go unnoticed and a consumer is compensated for the loss caused to him. Under this law, the sellers are held liable for providing such faulty products/services. This article focuses on the global perspective of product liability by studying the laws enacted by different countries and their applicability to the affected parties.

Authored by Sharyu Rumde, School of Law, University of Mumbai.