Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. The participants must read Instructions, Policies, and Ethical Guidelines before making payment and submitting their manuscripts.

2. The journal and the officials in here will hold an irrefuttable presumption that the participants read all the above-mentioned.

3. Any payment made with regards to any competition/Publication is non-refundable. The same cannot be claimed even if the participants withdraw their manuscripts.

4. The participants can withdraw themselves or their manuscripts from any competition by giving a 14 days prior notice via mail – lasenatusscriptors@outlook.com

5. Plagiarism limi is 20%. Any manuscript exceeding the same will be rejected and the payment made already for such manuscript will not be refunded.

6. Any payment mentioned on the website or conveyed from the official mail ID will be for per person. Additional amount must be paid when it comes to co-authorship.

7. Any deviance from the same said terms and conditions will not be appreciated.

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