Increasing cases of Channel Crossings, Is Interception a reasonable solution to this problem?


A lot of asylum seekers try to cross the English channel through France to reach the United Kingdom and they also warn the navy that they will drown themselves if they are stopped. As these channel crossings are on a rise, there is a chaotic situation in the immigration department of the UK. These refugees have gathered in France from different parts of the world like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. These people are suffering from a state of pandemonium and depression as they have no food, no money and no reason to continue their life. Such kind of a lifestyle has left them with only one choice i.e. to cross the English channel and reach the UK. They are also not allowed to seek employment. Most of them want to reach England as they are proficient in the English language and they have family connections there. Emigration department of UK expressed an idea of using battleships to stop such interceptions but this is not a reasonable decision. Through this blog, the author will discuss the rise of channel crossings and will throw some light on the safe and legal asylum alternatives to curb channel crossings.

Authored by Shaurya Shukla, Chanakya National Law University, Patna.