The article is on one of the most important and emerging areas of jurisprudence in corporate law that is on the issue of corporate fraud. Its contribution in strengthening the corporate governance structure of the country is analysed. Whenever the headlines about corporate fraud surface, the trust reposed in the corporate entities gets affected. It therefore, becomes pertinent to note how the corporate law deals with this menace of fraud that has permeated in to the transactions and leads to lowering down of confidence of investors and shareholders.

Authored By Rishab Aggarwal & Harshil Vijayvargiya, Gujarat National Law University.

The US – Iran Conflict: A Breach Of International Law


The very purpose for the origination of the International law was aimed towards endorsing economic and social growth alongside furthering international concord and security. The particular article addresses the prevailing conflict between US and Iran alongside bringing light to the instances of breach of International law by the same. This article discloses several prudent occurrences such as the 1983 Beirut barrack bombings, Iran-contra scandal, the infamous “Axis of evil”, 2013 nuclear deal as well as the shootdown of RQ-4A which proved to be monumental happenings in those times thereby shaping the present relation. Detailed analysis of violation of principles of International law by the United States and Iran has been portrayed through incidents, for instance, the hostage crisis, the notorious killing of Qasem Soleimani, attacks on US base by Iran and the disreputable Muslim ban. Lastly, the article manoeuvres to improve the diplomatic relations between the two nations safeguarding the inviolability of International law.

Authored By Akashmika Jena, University Law College, Vani Vihar.

A Comprehensive Approach to a Successful M&A Deal


Corporate Law is one of the booming fields of law and mergers and acquisitions form the heart and soul of this area of practice. In an ever competitive market, it is very crucial for big corporates to make their presence felt. As a result such firms constantly look for opportunities to expand their business and consolidate their market power. As easy as it seems from the outside, it is an extremely arduous task to successfully execute an M&A deal. There are various factors that are taken into consideration and they need to be carefully negotiated by both the parties. This paper aims to provide a detailed insight into the important issues that are connected to an M&A deal and how they can be effectively negotiated to ensure the overall success of the transaction.

Authored By Aditya Kasiraman, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Pune.

LABOUR LAW In Covid-19 Times


In recent times we have seen that centre government and many state government have passed the ordinance to suspend labour laws so that the economic activities are back on track and the economy can recover from the recession that is going in the country at the present and Covid-19 has only worsen the situation for the labours and the working class. In India there is no single act or code that are governing the laws of labour. Some of the major laws that are governing the labour laws are the Trade Unions Act, 1926 Minimum Wages Act, 1948 Payment of Wages Act, 1936 and many more so let us take a look at history of labour law in India Weather or not the labour law in India are that of the International standard and how The current situation of Covid-19 will effect the laws in India

Authored By Ansh Kumar, Gujarat National Law University

Bois Locker Room: Is India’s Youth In Safer Hands?


The “Bois locker room” incident was an Instagram scandal that allegedly involved an Instagram group which was created and handled by a few teenagers studying from prominent school in Delhi. The conversation on that group chat was flooded by offensive comments, sharing of an objectionable picture of the minor girls, morphing them using abusive language. It all started on 3rd of May 2020; an Instagram chat group was inundated with abhorrent misogynistic comments, sharing photos of underage girls, objectifying them and planning “gang-rapes”.
The group involved teenagers who were more than 26 members educating themselves from an “elite private school”. However, the later news revealed that a minor girl used a fake identity of another named “Sidharth” who was a minor boy and decided to sexually assault herself in the group chat. The idea behind this was to check the reaction of the receiver and to test the character of that person.

Authored By Divya Bothra, VITSOL, Chennai.