The Juriscriptor

2nd Edition

JNRMC, 2020

The Juriscritpors crew of La Senatus Scriptors enthusiastically welcomes all the scriptors to its 1st National Research Manuscript Competition, 2020. The Juriscriptor competitions are diverse. it includes Case Briefing, Judgement writing, Article writing, Essay writing, Memorial writing, Legal Quotes writing, Legal Quiz, Legal Auction and many more, which will be conducted eventually. We rely on healthy competitions to promote the right spirit for budding lawyers.

Accolades take the form of certificates of merit, trophies, cash prizes, online/offline internship opportunities, free publication, and exciting gits. We establish a holistic approach to research and writing. We come up with innovative ideas for building self-esteem and team spirit via healthy competitions. We are duty-bound to judge unbiasedly. May the most deserving win!

2st Juriscriptor National Research Manuscript Competition, 2020

The Article Writing Competition will be judged on the basis of the following TEN criteria:

1. Extent of research

2. Knowledge of Law and Facts

3. Working out loopholes and connecting it with research

4. Clarity, brevity and style

5. Ingenuity of thought, original thinking

6. Use of authorities and citations

7. Writing and logical structuring

8. Strengths and weaknesses of the matter

9. Clear and concise writing style

10. Appropriate starting, ending and breaking of paragraphs.

We, the Juriscriptor crew will hold countless competitions. These competitions are purely for the purpose of boosting advancement in the legal field. Article Writing, Judgement Writing, Essay Writing, Book Reviews, Case Briefing, Case Commentaries, Legal Quotes Writing, Doctrine Analysis Writing, Summary Writing on recent Amendments, Legal Quiz, Legal Auction, Memorial Writing, Debating Strategies Writing are the scheduled competitions for now and there are many more to come.

Juriscriptors Of 1st JNRMC

Top 15 Manuscripts


1st Position : Trophy + Certificate of Juriscriptor + free Publication in VOLUME 1: ISSUE 2 + LOR + Editor’s Report

2nd Position : Medallion + Certificate of Juriscriptor + free Publication in VOLUME 1: ISSUE 2 + LOR + Editor’s Report

3rd Position : Certificate of Juriscriptor + free Publication in VOLUME 1: ISSUE 2 + Editor’s Report

Top 15 Papers : Certificate of Juriscriptor + Editor’s Report

To All The Participants : Certificate of Participation + Editor’s Report

Those participants who wish to publish their manuscripts in VOLUME 1: ISSUE 2, can mail the receipt of payment of processing charge to

Soft copies of the certificates will be issued. Hard copies can be availed by paying additional charges [Note: Due to COVID19 reasons, this service is suspended temporarily ]



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