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La Senatus Scriptors is one of the leading law journal websites in India. We have created our distinctive mark by being the epitome of innovation in anything we do. Our viewers include national and international students, lawyers, activists, academicians and people who are eager in research and its nuances.

As an advertising platform, La Senatus Scriptors offers you unparalleled access to the legal community, and allows you to tap specific, niche markets.


Mode 1: (Registration Fee x 1 ) INR : 1 Post on all the Social Media Platforms, WhatsApp Groups and Website.

NOTE: If no registration fee is charged, there is no charge for advertising

Mode 2: (Registration Fee x 3) INR : Multiple Sponsored Posts and reminders on all the Social Media Platforms, WhatsApp Groups and Website + Media Outreach + Advertisements on Journal Publications & Blog page.

To advertise on La Senatus Scriptors, send us your event brochure and the mode of advertisement preferred to

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